Nervous patients and dental phobics receive our special care and attention to allay their fear of dentistry and anxiety of the experience. 

At your first visit we will listen and talk through all your concerns and fears. We will discuss with you the many ways we are able to help and overcome them.

Intravenous sedation provides a relaxing and anxiety-free experience during dental treatment. Nervous people remember very little, or even nothing, about the procedure when treated with Intravenous Sedation.

You will be reassured by the calm manner of the experienced dentists and staff at St Lawrence House who care for many anxious patients like you.

Sedation is just one of the methods we can employ to help with your comfort and put you at ease.

Sedation for anxious patients can be administered in several ways. Our experienced dental surgeon administers sedation via a vein (intravenously) usually on the back of your hand with a commonly used, safe sedative agent - Midazolam.

Our sedation is constantly electronically monitored and always kept at the safe level, which allows you to feel very calm, completely detached and relaxed while still being able to respond to verbal requests.

anxious dental patient, phobia dental treatment

Electronic sedation monitor pictured above. All our equipment is passed for electrical and operational safety.

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