Root Canal Treatment is required when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth is infected or damaged through decay, bacteria or injury.

The aim of the treatment is to preserve the tooth by removing all traces of soft tissue and any infection in the root canals within the tooth.

After thorough cleansing, the root canals are filled and sealed to prevent further disease or infection.

Your root-filled tooth is supported in your jaw just as any vital, healthy tooth and may be expected to last just as long.

To optimise the outcome of the procedure, root canal treatment is best performed using state of the art, fully flexible nickel-titanium files and ultrahigh magnification through a dedicated endodontic microscope ( in picture top right ) as used here routinely at St Lawrence House.

Usually, a root-filled tooth has a crown or "cap" put over it to prevent splitting, breakages or chipping of the weakened tooth.

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Mr Karim Jaafary (above) uses the Obtura system ( below ) to seal root canals as recommended by many specialist Endodontists for predictable and successful results.

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