Prevention of dental disease is an integral part of our philosophy at St Lawrence House and at the top of our priorities list. We feel it is vital to educate our patients to have the skills and knowledge to prevent deterioration of their teeth and gums prior to dental treatment, and to know how to look after their newly restored teeth and gums as efficiently and effectively as possible. Whilst our dentists play an active part in this education role, this treatment is routinely carried out by one of our hygienists

Regular visits with our hygienist play a key part in the prevention of tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Our hygienists aim to motivate younger patients to adopt good oral hygiene habits early in life. In turn this helps to maintain a healthy smile ( like Jess, pictured on your right ) and prevent a lifetime on the treadmill of dental treatment.

One-to-one demonstrations in the use of oral hygiene aids – floss, miniature brushes and regular brushes form a part of the prevention program offered through our hygienists.

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