"...the whole process was undertaken with minimal discomfort...smile again with confidence and eat properly for the first time in many years..."

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"...fantastic smile made up of six crowns...I would be more than happy to recommend you..."

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smile makeover, beautiful smile

These 4 crowns, pictured above sitting on a mirror, are constructed in strong and beautifully natural-looking dental porcelain specific to the requirements of our patient by a professionally qualified and registered dental technician.

Crowns protect teeth by “capping” or covering them. They restore the ideal shape and size to the tooth and can provide for a beautiful smile by selection of just the right colour.

Crowns are mainly used to treat teeth that are badly broken down or weakened by cracks and large fillings. They provide an excellent aesthetic restoration and functional protection for a single tooth or multiple neighbouring teeth. To read more on the technical aspects of a variety of crowns, click here.

Natural teeth exhibit a wide range of coloration. We aim to match a new crown to those natural teeth on either side to create a beautiful smile and an undetectable crown.

perfect white teeth, attractive smaile

Selecting the right colour with the aid of a shade guide in natural light by window

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